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Industry Solutions

It's easy to improve your business when you have the right tools to work with. Secumind offers a complete selection of ID card printer solutions to meet the needs of your industry.

Whether you're dealing with the ID card challenges of creating and managing the specific photo ID needs of student and faculty at a K-12 campus, or college or university or other educational organizations... Employee badges or photo IDs, tradeshow or seminar signages for you small business or larger enterprise... State drivers licences, federal badges and other government issued IDs - Our printers gives you the functionality and features you need to design SECURE photo-finished plastic cards.

The growing need forsecure plastic card IDs

The rapid development of digitalized processes has made the plastic card the preferred vehicle for securely embedding data (smart cards) and connecting individuals to databases. Plastic cards printed on the Secumind printers are designed to fulfill these needs as well as help counteract the fastest growing crime in North America—data and identity theft.

Our printer solutions deliver security options that make ID creation, financial transactions, access to facilities, access to records, credentials, retail marketing & loyalty programs, assets identification, inventory management and other digital processes safer.


Below are a selection of industries and sectors that we serve:

Small and medium businesses

Company ID and access control badges/cards are produced with SecuMind DTC (direct to Card) or RTC (Retransfer) printing depending on requirements for image quality and document security. Learn more ››

Large enterprise

Multifunction credentials can be designed, personalized and encoded for large companies and organizations using the SecuMind Card Printers... Learn more ››

Local, state and federal government

Security elements including overlay foils, holograms, and embedded biometics and chips reinforce the security of government issued cards... Learn more ››



Barcode-based identification of patients has increased efficiency and security in the treatment of patients... Learn more ››

Federal Administrations

Secumind card printers are able to generate secure and reliable forms of identifications as issued by all Federal Agencies to their employees and contractors... Learn more ››


Badges for high school and college students based on multipurpose contact and contactless smart cards require precision printing, secure holographic lamination and accurate encoding... Learn more ››


On the fly issuance of loyalty and gift cards, employee cash register and POS processing card can be quickly and securely issued on premises... Learn more ››


Prevent shrinkage in your drugstore or pharmacy. In recent years, pharmacies have expanded their product lines to compete against, retain customers, draw new ones and improve improve their bottom-line... Learn more ››

Manufacturing & distribution

Identification of batches with bar-coded plastic cards is very popular in electronic components industries, particularly in semi-conductors... Learn more ››

Financial Services

Quiet operation and small footprint allows the personalization of financial cards, particularly RFID and NFC payment cards... Learn more ››


Bar-coded cafeteria cards allow the control of meal services in schools and in organizations... Learn more ››

Hospitality Industry

High speed key cards personalization and issuance on the hotel counter... Learn more ››

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