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Government, education & industry ID market solutions

Government employee badges, Access control cards, Drivers' licenses and other government-issued IDs, Health cards, Military badges, State licenses and certifications and even more industry solutions...

Local, state and federal government

How Secumind products can help local, state amd federal manage ID programs

Now more than ever government issued ID cards demand the highest level of security. From securing sensitive data and facilities, photo IDs, medicare and other healthcare cards to drivers licenses - government more than any other organization is particularly sensitive when it comes to security distribute .

Protecting the cards they issue from being compromised; illegal duplication, product tampering is not an option. It could be a matter of national security. And, volunerability on any level is unacceptable.

As such every potential volunerabilty that can be exploited must to be looked at and eliminated. Various levels of security have to be integrated into ID card designs. Advanced, high technology ID card producing systems must be used to create a final secure product.

Secumind offers a number technology elements to meet or exceed the strict government requirements. These include overlay foils and holograms, digital signatures and biometic information such as live scan electronic fingerprints.

For help on deciding which ID card solution is right for your for your government ID program -- contact our experienced staff at 800 290.0463. Or click here for additional ways to contact us.


How Secumind products can help healthcare manage ID programs

Barcode-based identification of patients has increased efficiency and security in the treatment of patients. Accurate 300 dpi produced patient ID cards have been instrumental in the success of the SecuMind printers in hospitals and healthcare facilities, small footprint, quiet operation and large capacity of supplies are making them a best choice in this industry.
Health & medical insurance cards are issued with efficiency thanks to high speed monochrome printing from up-to date databases with the CX 120

Federal Administrations

How Secumind products can help federal administrations manage ID programs

Secumind card printers are able to generate secure and reliable form of identifications as issued by all Federal Agencies to their employees and contractors according to HSPD-12 (Policy for a common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors) SecuMind Card printers and SecuSoft software have been part of GSA schedule since 2005, facilitating their procurement and use by the administration.


How Secumind products can help education manage ID programs

Badges for high school and college students based on multipurpose contact and contactless smart cards require precision printing, secure holographic lamination and accurate encoding.


How Secumind products can help retail manage ID programs

On the fly issuance of loyalty and gift cards, employee cash register and POS processing card can be quickly and securely issued on premises


How Secumind products can help pharmacies manage ID programs

Prevent shrinkage in your drugstore or pharmacy. In recent years, pharmacies have expanded their product lines to compete against, retain customers, draw new ones and improve improve their bottom-line.

Simultanously and regrettably more diversity means more diverse ways to fight theft. In addition to traditional risk factors such as as cosmetics, razors, medications, they now have to safeguard a whole new set of merchandise including jewelry, electronics, apparel, food and beverages.

We work with consumer packaged goods and product manufacturers, who are interested in RF labels to tag and secure their lower value merchandise (makeup, hair products) and higher-value products like over-the counter-drugs and electronic items.

Manufacturing & distribution

How Secumind products can help manifacturers and distributers manage ID programs

Identification of batches with bar-coded plastic cards is very popular in electronic components industries, particularly in semi-conductors. Secumind printers have the advantage of having high capacity ribbons generating a record of 2,200 images, feeders containing over 800 12-15 mil PVC cards, helping reduce down time and helping maintain a mandatory clean and dust free production environment.

Financial Services

How Secumind products can help financial services manage ID program
Quiet operation and small footprint allows the personalization of financial cards, particularly RFID and NFC payment cards


How Secumind products can help foodservice manage ID program
For example, bar-coded cafeteria cards allow the control of meal services in schools and in organizations.

Hospitality Industry

How Secumind products can help hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and the hospitality industry manage ID program

For example, high speed key card personalization and issuance at the hotel counter.

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